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Grow your fitness business! Customize our fitness app with your content and branding, and launch an app in the app store within hours.


Taking our business mobile at the start of COVID-19 was so easy thanks to Adalo. Lifetime Performance was able to thrive & we had a new way to interface with our clients — a win-win!

Ken MacDonald— Business Owner at Lifetime Performance


The Fitness Gym Workout Template

With our no-code app builder, we make it easy to plan and assign workouts – simply choose a template and get started! This template includes:
Easy-to-create workout programs
Integrated payment features
Customizable profiles for trainers and clients
Instant messaging and announcements
Creating An App With No-Code
Choose a Template
Our templates have visual design and database connections to jumpstart your workflow.
Add Information
Begin building your database by adding information and creating relationships.
Launch To The World
Once you’re finished, launch your app in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store for the world to see!

Build Your Fitness Community

Level up your training programs by offering clients an easy and convenient way to stay motivated on the daily.
Create and sell new programs
Curate workouts for your clients
Easy booking and scheduling

Manage Your Programs With Ease

Upload your videos and allow clients to train virtually through a digital companion.
Offer a premium for custom classes
Track consistency and progress
Create a library of workout videos
Features Included In This Template
Adalo allows you to fully customize the template once you begin. Add, delete, or refine any of the features you need!
Coach-led training sessions
Clients can request the workout they want from a coach
Customized fitness programs
Create tailored workouts and programs for clients
Manage exercise inventory
Workout along with your favorite instructors
Easy payments
Process payments with the touch of a button
Daily and weekly reports
Use a slick dashboard to get insights on progress
Build a community
Create a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts online
Fitness Gym Workout Templates Make It Easy To Get Started!
Workout Request for Personal Training
Easy to schedule workouts help you upscale your business
Keep clients engaged with personal training plans
Use a performance progress indicator
Personal Training Library of Videos
Plug in your gym how-to videos
Create client-specific training plans
Individual payments or subscription plans made easy
Book & Schedule Personal Training
Track gym sessions with a personal training calendar
Easy payments for workouts through the app
Manage regular client check-ins
Not seeing the right template? We’ve got plenty!

Benefits of Adalo

Welcome to the World of No-Code
Easy, simple, & intuitive app builder
Dozens of customizable components
Extensive help docs, videos, & tutorials
Experts ready to help at any moment
Save thousands from traditional development
Extensive help docs, videos, & tutorials

Resources To Help Build The Best App Possible

Someone to help build your app for you
ヘルプ ドキュメント
Step by step guides for those pesky little things...
Watch, listen, & learn on YouTube
Chat with experts and fellow app makers


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