Covenant Connect

Covenant Connect


The Covenant Christian High School needed a way to modernize their school systems. From buying tickets for events, to paying for lunch in cash — they wanted to simplify things for parents, students, and the staff.

The Covenant Connect app did just that! This mobile solution streamlined the ticketing process, making it touchless, cashless, and super easy for everyone involved. School news, tickets for sports events, lunch money via a QR code, game highlights, and more – all on one mobile platform!

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A connected community takes work!

There was so much going on at Covenant Christian High School, but it was difficult to stay on top of it all. The school needed a way to sell tickets to their sports events without the queues, cash, and confusion.

The community wanted to keep track of event schedules. Students needed lunch money or extra cash for a bake sale, but that was an extra task for already busy parents.

Creating a seamless school experience

With Covenant Connect, the school community is now on the ball. No more confusion about events, and no more cash or paper tickets to slow things down. Parents can now easily fund their child's account with the cashless One Card system.

With Covenant Connect's real-time content capture, the school's marketing is now full of exciting moments from the classroom and practice field.

Workflow Improvements

Lunch Money

Parents had to keep track of which days students needed to purchase lunch. Cash had to be sent with each student and they would occasionally run out of cash for extra curricular activities. The school had to deposit cash on a regular basis which meant more accounting work.

Events and announcements:

Scores and game updates could not easily be shared with the community so updates had to be shared via broadcast lists to individual students or parent groups and sporting event schedules were shared last minute.


Sports events needed tickets, but attendees could not purchase tickets in advance. They had to show up to the school and wait in queue to purchase their tickets and all payments were made by cash.

We went from this 😒 ....

  • Events and sporting schedules were shared last minute
  • Complicated and inconvenient communication channel
  • No way to purchase tickets in advance
  • Only accepted cash for payments, making accounting a hassle

... to this!  🤩

  • The Covenant Connect app turned payments cashless with the ‘One Card’ QR system, making payments a breeze.
  • Events and schedules were available on the app, along with easy ticket booking.
  • Multiple communication channels were all streamlined into one!

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“Managing all these stakeholders – students, parents, and administrators – could’ve been a challenge, but Adalo made it easy. We've been able to take all the ideas floating around and turn them into a reality, which is honestly the best part of my job.”
Matt Maudlin
Co-Founder & CEO, Memo Marketing Group

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