While Google’s AppSheet, a no-code app builder, may seem powerful on the surface, it does have some limitations. Many first-time app builders find AppSheet’s interface complex and clunky. 

As a result, you might feel a bit frustrated and overwhelmed when using AppSheet for the first time. 

But you can let go of your frustrations because you’ve come to the right place! For about a decade, I’ve advised companies and organizations on how to find the best no-code app builder for their needs.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to my picks for the 6 best AppSheet alternatives in 2024.

Why Choose an AppSheet Alternative? 

When you begin using AppSheet, you’ll find the interface looks very Google-ish: After all, it’s part of the Google ecosystem. Unfortunately, your experience working with other Google platforms doesn’t necessarily translate to AppSheet. 

Non-Intuitive Interface

The AppSheet interface has an enormous number of elements and customization options. It’s difficult to intuit how they work together. While AppSheet does provide tutorial videos, you’ll need to watch a few before you get comfortable. 

This makes AppBuilder nearly impossible to start using right out of the box. Even the tech-savvy might have to watch tutorials to learn how to get started.   

Solution: Choose a no-code app builder with a friendlier user interface and fewer difficult-to-understand functions. While you’ll probably need to watch tutorials at some point, the app builder you select should be easy enough to start building your app immediately after you sign up.    

You Must Bring Your Own Database

Before building your app, AppSheet requires you to plug in your own database. If you know your way around a database, this is par for the course. However, this requirement will require even more effort for those unfamiliar with building or using a database.  

Solution: Get an app builder like Adalo that has its own database. You’ll kill two birds with one stone by saving time building your database as you craft your app. 

AppSheet’s Primary Focus Is Building Internal Apps

AppSheet is primarily made to create apps that enhance business processes like customer relationship management (CRM) and project management. While it does have options to create customer-facing apps, non-internal business apps made by AppSheet might lag behind those created by other app builders.  

AppSheet’s pricing also reflects its primary focus on building internal business apps because it charges a monthly fee per user. For instance, their cheapest options are $5/month per user and $10/month per user. 

Building a takeout app that a few hundred of your restaurant patrons download and use could get expensive — unless your food is just that good.  

Solution: Pick an app builder, like Adalo or Glide, that’s purposefully made for creating diverse apps, such as networking, design, and business apps. App builders that can build a variety of apps usually come with more power and functionality, which results in a smoother building experience. 

The Top 6 AppSheet Alternatives 

  • Glide, the best AppSheet alternative for internal-only apps
  • Adalo, the best alternative if you want a customer-facing, public app
  • Betty Blocks, the best alternative for the Microsoft ecosystem 
  • NoLoco, the easiest-to-use AppSheet alternative
  • Softr, the easiest alternative for a simpler app-building experience 
  • Retool, the best AppSheet alternative for developers

#1 The Best AppSheet Alternative for internal-only apps


What is it? 

Glide features a powerful app-building interface that’s designed to help you build gorgeous, eye-catching apps. 

What does it do better than AppSheet? 

Glide is a no-code web app builder that excels at building internal business tools. However, it can also build web apps that customers can access with an internet browser on their phone. Its interface is easier to learn than AppSheet’s, and it will give your app a better overall aesthetic.  

Glide also comes with its own built-in database, which automatically connects to your app. You’ll also find some really cool AI features that can give your app some serious power, like the ability to summarize text message threads, PDFs, or pictures.  

Who is it best for? 

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the powerful and sleek web apps they can create using Glide. Since Glide doesn’t charge per user like AppSheet, your team and your customers will be able to use your web apps at no extra cost.   


After its free version, Glide’s Maker Plan starts at $60/month (billed monthly), which is good for small teams that need one app. If you need to build more than one app, try out the Team Version, which costs $125/month (billed monthly). 

Final Verdict 

Glide is an AppSheet alternative that’s easier to use and can create beautiful apps for executing your business operations.  

#2 The Best AppSheet Alternative If You Want A Customer-Facing, Public App 


What is it? 

Adalo is a native mobile app builder that leverages a super powerful drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to build your very own app catered to your tastes. 

What does it do better than AppSheet? 

Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes Adalo a much easier-to-learn app builder than AppSheet. You can start working on your app immediately after signing up without watching tutorials.  

Adalo also has plenty of third-party plugins and features that will give you the flexibility needed to create both external-facing apps and internal business ones. Conveniently, Adalo has a database, so you won’t have to stress over bringing and connecting your own.     

Who is it best for? 

Adalo is a great fit for anyone with zero technical experience. It will provide the design freedom and flexibility to bring almost any app idea you have to life.  


While Adalo has one of the most generous and feature-packed free versions, you can get started for $36/month.

Final Verdict 

Adalo brings tons of power, which it doesn’t sacrifice for flexibility, enabling you to build useful, customer-focused apps. This makes Adalo the best AppSheet alternative for creating external apps.  

#3 The Best Alternative For The Microsoft Ecosystem 

Betty Blocks

What is it? 

Betty Blocks is a no-code native mobile app builder that is designed to meet the needs of large organizations and enterprises. 

What does it do better than AppSheet? 

Not only can you use Betty Block’s built-in database, but you can also host your apps on your own server. Betty Blocks will be a perfect fit if you're a Microsoft user, as it was designed to operate within Microsoft’s ecosystem. 

You’ll be able to create any app you need for your large organization, from internal apps like Kanban boards to customer-facing apps with login portals. Betty Block’s building interface is also more intuitive than AppSheet’s, so your team won’t waste time learning how to use it. 

Who is it best for? 

Betty Blocks is specialized for big businesses and large enterprises only. 


Betty Blocks doesn’t publish its pricing — you need to contact them directly. Because Betty Blocks is catered to big enterprises, you can expect to pay in the $1,000s per month.  

Final Verdict 

Packed with all the features needed to create enterprise-level apps, Betty Blocks is the AppSheet alternative for big businesses. 

#4 The Easiest-To-Use AppSheet Alternative 


What is it? 

NoLoco is a no-code app builder for making internal business apps for optimizing administrative tasks and internal business operations. 

What does it do better than AppSheet? 

While you do have to bring your own database, the NoLoco features a much more intuitive building interface than AppSheet. NoLoco also has more integrations and 3rd-party plugins than AppSheet, which enables you to create more functional or specialized apps catered to your exact needs. 

NoLoco also has a pricing advantage over AppSheet. For instance, if you’re a medium-sized organization with 50 app users, NoLoco will cost $150/month (billed monthly). The same number of users on the similar plan AppSheet offers costs $500/month (billed monthly).

Who is it best for? 

NoLoco is for medium-sized businesses and above that need to build out internal tools for their operations. This makes it the perfect replacement for companies currently using AppSheet for building internal tools. 


NoLoco doesn’t offer a free plan. Its cheapest plan, which allows up to 10 users, starts at $49/month (billed monthly), which costs less than AppSheet would charge per month for 10 users at $50/month (billed monthly). 

Final Verdict 

NoLoco can improve the quality of the same type of apps (internal business apps) as AppSheet by providing more power and a more intuitive user experience. 

#5 The Easiest AppSheet Alternative If You Want A Simpler App-Building Experience 


What is it? 

Softr is a simple no-code web app builder that lets you drop in your app’s elements, called blocks, allowing you to create your app bit by bit.   

What does it do better than AppSheet? 

Although you’ll have to bring your own database, Softr provides a simpler app-building experience than AppSheet. After connecting your database, you’ll be able to quickly configure each piece of your app with Softr’s point-and-click interface.  

While Softr offers a good selection of pre-made templates, it also allows you to custom-make your own using Softr’s AI generator. After entering a 200-word prompt, Softr’s AI will generate your entire app — all you need to do is connect your database to make it ready to publish.  

Who is it best for? 

Softr is great for large and small organizations that need to build any type of web app for internal or large-scale anonymous usage.  


Softr comes with a free version, but for $59/month (billed monthly), you can use Softr’s Basic Version, which allows up to 10 internal users. Larger teams will be better served by Softr’s Professional Version, at $167/month (billed monthly), which lets you brand your apps.   

Final Verdict 

With a much easier user interface and the potential to let you build out your app fast, Softr is the easiest AppSheet alternative because of its simple building experience. 

#6 The Best Alternative For Developers 


What is it? 

Retool is a low-code app-building platform (not no-code) that developers will love.  

What does it do better than AppSheet? 

If you’re a developer and find AppSheet too simplistic, try your skills on Retool. Retool is an app builder that’s made for developers. You’ll have the power to add your own code to almost any part of your app

Retool also has its own database, so you won’t need to spend time setting up and managing an external one. This will save you loads of time, letting you bring your app to the prototype phase as quickly as you can code it. 

Who is it best for? 

Developers and people who have experience with coding will be right at home with Retool. Because of the need for technical knowledge, Retool is for developers and techies only.  


Retool does have a free version, but its cheapest plan starts at $12/month (billed monthly) per standard user, or people who built the app, and $7/month (billed monthly) per end user, who are people within your organization that will use your app. This could get expensive for organizations with several standard or end users. 

Final Verdict 

If you’re a developer, Retool will give you all the power you need to build your own app - and you won’t need to bring a database, either. 


What is the cheapest AppSheet Alternative? 

At $36/month, Adalo is the cheapest AppSheet alternative. It is also easier to use than AppSheet, as Adalo leverages a simple drag-and-drop interface that doesn’t take much time to learn. You’ll also be able to build external, customer-facing apps with ease using Adalo — these are the types of apps that people struggle to build using AppSheet.  

What is the Best AppSheet Alternative for Enterprises? 

With the ability to host your app on-prem (on your own server), an easy-to-use building interface, and seamless integration into the Microsoft cloud, Betty Blocks meets the needs of large-scale enterprises. With Betty Blocks, you’ll also be able to build both internal and client-facing apps, at the enterprise level.  

What is the Best AppSheet Alternative? 

While it depends on whether you want to build an internal or customer-facing app, I always recommend Adalo as the go-to AppSheet alternative. It comes packed with third-party APIs that give you tons of power, and you won’t need to worry about bringing your own database. Plus, it’s very simple to learn — you can start building your Adalo app right out of the box.

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