We pride ourselves on being one of the easiest-to-use app-building platforms, but we, like the legendary Greek warrior Achilles, have weaknesses. 

Here at Adalo, we go to great lengths to give anyone without any technical or coding knowledge the superpower to create an app catered to their exact needs and tastes. Unfortunately, we understand that we just can’t meet everyone’s needs. 

We get it — some technical users want an app builder that allows them to unleash their techie skillset. If you’re part of this crowd, read on because this article will discuss 5 Adalo alternatives, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Why Choose an Adalo Alternative? 

Usually, many folks seeking an alternative do so because of narrow technical reasons. While Adalo does provide enough flexibility and power to bring any app idea to life, techies might want a platform that lets them unleash their skills. 

Here’s why we just can’t please everyone:

You Can’t Keep Your App’s Source Code

Some people, especially those in the technical crowd, want to keep their app’s source code after they finish building it. With the source code, they can share their app’s blueprint with others to get feedback or make changes to their app themselves in the future. 

Many app-building platforms, including ours, don’t allow users to keep their source code. 

Solution: Get an app-building platform like Draftbit that lets you keep your app’s source code. 

There’s No Enterprise Option for Huge Businesses

We market ourselves as the best choice for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small and medium businesses. However, if you’re a large organization, enterprise, or Fortune 500 company, you might find our platform limited because we don’t offer an enterprise pricing tier or scale to enormous audiences.

Solution: Select an app-building platform, like Betty Blocks, Draftbit, or Bubble, that offers enterprise-level pricing tiers and lets you scale your app to the millions. 

You Want To Patch in Your Own Code 

While we do offer the capability to patch in your own code, it’s part of our Business Plan pricing tier, which costs $160/month. Plus, we only let you code in your own API for data harvesting. If you want to code in your own unique feature, like a special form that runs on complex logic, you can’t do so with us. 

Solution: Pick a tech-centric app-building platform like Draftbit and Noloco that lets you patch in your own custom code. 

The Top 5 Adalo Alternatives 

  • Bravo Studio, the best Adalo alternative for designers
  • Draftbit, the most technical Adalo alternative
  • Bubble, the Adalo alternative with the most extensive ecosystem
  • Betty Blocks, the best Adalo alternative for enterprises
  • Noloco, the best Adalo alternative for internal business tools 

#1 The Best Adalo Alternative for Designers 

Bravo Studio

What is it? 

Bravo Studio is a no-code mobile app builder that transforms your Figma designs into unique apps. 

What does it do better than us? 

Because Bravo specializes in letting you use pre-made Figma designs that you can craft into one-of-a-kind apps, it offers a high degree of design freedom that we can’t match. However, you’ll have to be proficient in Figma before using Bravo. 

Bravo’s Business Version ($237/month billed monthly) lets you publish unlimited apps, whereas our highest pricing tier allows up to 10. So, if you’re a Figma designer and want to start an app-building agency, Bravo Studio might be your go-to. 

Who is it best for? 

If you aren’t familiar with Figma, you’ll have difficulties using Bravo, so Bravo is limited to Figma designers only.


Bravo Studio pricing starts at $21/month (billed monthly), which is less expensive than our lowest pricing tier at $36/month. But if you want to brand your own app, you’ll have to opt for the $117/month (billed monthly) version.  

Final Verdict 

Because Bravo allows you to create unique and stunning apps using your own Figma designs, it’s the Adalo alternative for designers. 

#2 The Adalo Alternative for Technical Folks


What is it? 

Draftbit is a low-code native mobile app builder. 

What does it do better than us? 

If you’re a techie who knows a thing or two about coding, check out Draftbit. It caters to the tech crowd by offering features that are way outside our scope, like being able to patch your own customized code and components into your app. 

Draftbit also has a GitHub integration, which allows you to share your source code with fellow developers. And if you want to build an app you can scale to your 10,000+ company, Draftbit has an Enterprise Version. 

Who is it best for? 

If you’re not a techie, you’ll have difficulty using Draftbit. Before using it, you’ll need to know some technical concepts, such as how APIs work, JSON, and the React Native Basics. 


At $29/month (billed monthly), Draftbit gives you a Basic Version, allowing unlimited API endpoints and projects, though you can only publish one app. If you want to publish on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, try Draftbit’s Pro Version at $79/month (billed monthly).  

Final Verdict 

Because it’s chock full of tech-centric features and requires some tech knowledge to get started, Draftbit is the Adalo alternative for technical folks. 

#3 The Adalo Alternative With the Most Extensive Ecosystem 


What is it? 

Bubble is a battle-tested, no-code web app builder that’s been around since 2012. 

What does it do better than us? 

Although Bubble can’t make apps for publishing to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and it has a tough learning curve, some of Bubble’s features have an edge. For instance, Bubble has a staggering number of templates — well over 400 (and growing).

Many of these templates are built by members of Bubble’s thriving development community, which has been active for over 12 years. Bubble’s developers continuously create and release special tools and plugins that you can use to supercharge your app, like SendGrid, which lets you send email directly from your app, and Mapbox, a cheaper alternative to Google Maps. 

Who is it best for? 

In order to become proficient with Bubble, you’ll need to overcome a learning curve, which will take a few months. But once you do, you’ll be able to build almost any web app imaginable, which everyone from tiny startups to mammoth enterprises can use. 


Get Bubble for as little as $32/month (billed monthly). But if you need more power and security features like 2-step authentication, look into Bubble’s Growth Plan at $134/month (billed monthly) 

Final Verdict 

With over 12 years in operation and a vast community of users and developers, which has created a wealth of resources, Bubble is the Adalo alternative with the most expansive ecosystem. 

#4 The Best Adalo Alternative for Enterprises

Betty Blocks

What is it? 

Betty Block is a no-code app builder that’s specifically designed to meet the needs of large organizations. 

What does it do better than us? 

Betty Blocks appeals to the market segment outside our scope: Big businesses, enormous organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. It offers customizable packages for catering features and functionalities that meet the unique needs of each individual organization.  

Betty Blocks allows you to run your app on-prem or on your own server. This feature appeals to big businesses wanting to control their network infrastructure, offer high-grade security, and keep their IT team happy. 

Who is it best for? 

Betty Blocks is for huge organizations only — they don’t make any products for medium businesses and below. 


You need to contact Betty Block directly to get pricing information. 

Final Verdict 

Because it caters to big enterprises and only offers enterprise versions, choose Betty Blocks over us if you’re a big business. 

#5 The Best Adalo Alternative for Internal Business Tools 


What is it? 

Noloco is a no-code app builder for making internal business apps. 

What does it do better than us? 

While you can build almost any app with us, Noloco specializes in creating internal business apps, which gives them an advantage for these particular apps. Noloco lets you create beautiful CRM pipelines, project management boards, and accounting tools.  

Noloco caters to organizations of all sizes: They have a version for small companies, giant enterprises, and everyone in between. And if you have a team member familiar with JavaScript, they can use it to customize your Noloco app. 

Who is it best for? 

Noloco has a narrow audience: Businesses that want to create their own internal apps. It does not offer options for building public-facing apps like those for social networks, e-commerce, restaurant ordering, etc.  


Noloco is one of the few app-building platforms that doesn’t have a free version. You can get started with $49/month (billed monthly) if you have a small team of 10 users. If your team has up to 50 members, and you want to enter your own customized code, you’ll have to pay $149/month (billed monthly). 

Final Verdict 

With features and functionality that appeal to creating tools for companies, Noloco is the Adalo alternative for businesses that want to make internal business apps. 


Which One of Your Alternatives is Best for Developers? 

Because it integrates with Github, allows you to keep your app’s source code, and lets you patch in your own custom code to create unique features, Draftbit is more suited to developers than we are. 

Which Alternative is Best for Big Businesses? 

While Bubble, Noloco, Betty Blocks, and Draftbit all have enterprise versions that meet the needs of large organizations, Betty Blocks takes the cake. This is because Betty Blocks gears all versions of its app-building platforms to creating apps for big businesses only, and it allows enterprises to run their apps on their own servers.  

What Is Your Cheapest Alternative? 

Bravo Studio is the cheapest, at $21/month (billed monthly), but you need to have Figma designs to get started. If you’re not fluent in Figma, try out Bubble at $32/month (billed monthly), but be prepared for a learning curve.

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