Adalo Town Hall - November 2022

Interested in the latest and greatest from Adalo? Then hop right into Adalo’s latest town hall where Adalo’s CEO David Adkin answers questions from the Adalo community. 

Exciting topics like responsive web app functionality, Zapier and Xano integration inside Adalo and (finally!) the ability for advanced makers to access record unique IDs are all covered.

Buckle up and get ready to hear what Adalo has been up to for the past few months and get a sneak peek into what’s to come.


0:06 Introduction

Part 1: Product Roadmap

0:36 What are the current priorities for Adalo?

Adalo x Zapier

1:57 1 Zapier is now in Adalo! That’s really cool! Why did Adalo choose to position Zapier from within the Adalo Editor?

3:09 What is Zapier? Why should Adalo Makers be excited? What are examples of the sort of ways Zapier can extend Adalo?

4:54 Can I still use Make and other Zapier alternatives?

6:19 2 Wait, Adalo Makers can access record ID now?

Component marketplace

7:22 2 What improvements are you making to the component marketplace?

9:10 Any other exciting components coming out? What about an update to the subscriptions component?

Web Apps / Responsive Apps

11:16 2 Why should Adalo makers be excited by responsive?

14:52 What sort of functionality will be included in Adalo responsive?

18:29 2 When will Adalo release responsive web apps?

20:22 1 Will I have to make my existing apps responsive?

22:05 1 What other improvements do you have planned for web apps?

Adalo Scalability x Xano

26:20 1 What’s Adalo’s plans to make apps more scalable? Are you really building Xano into Adalo?

28:30 What does Xano do? What sort of impact does a Xano backend have on Adalo apps?

31:02 Will Adalo Makers be able to switch between the Adalo database and Xano database on a single app?

31:16 In the future can makers use our own servers to host data and traffic?

35:45 2 What’s the status of regional server selection?

Part 2: Company

37:42 2 What is Adalo’s overall direction for the next 12 months?

41:15 What are some general things happening at Adalo that you think the Adalo community would be interested to hear about?

45:10 1 Could you share a bit more about the best way to stay in touch with Adalo? Where do I hear the latest and greatest?

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