If Andromo’s seemingly easy-to-use building interface and ability to create e-commerce apps at lightning speeds drew you in, you most likely ran into a few limitations when you started using it. Andromo’s limitations inspire many people looking to seek alternative app builders. 

But with so many Andromo alternatives out there, anyone hoping to create a shortlist of other app builders will have to spend considerable time. Luckily, you’ve landed in the right spot. 

For over a decade, I’ve paired businesses and entrepreneurs with the best no-code app builders to suit their unique needs. Breaking down a no-code app builder’s strengths and weaknesses has become my line of work. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through the top 5 Andromo alternatives.

Why Choose an Andromo Alternative? 

After you sign up with Andromo, you can quickly connect your Shopify and WooCommerce accounts to your Andromo app. This transforms your e-commerce shops into native mobile apps, which you can publish on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

While even beginners can create their own native mobile e-commerce app in just a few hours, many others find the entire app-building experience on Andromo lackluster. 

I’ve heard several Andromo users complain about the following:  

Limited Design Freedom

Although you can build an app quickly, you aren’t given much freedom to design it to your liking. Andromo’s design interface makes it difficult to resize images, change template elements, and it doesn’t come with the capability to move objects to precise locations on your app screens. 

Andromo also has just a handful of fonts, severely cramping how your text will appear. 

Solution: Select an app builder — like Adalo, Thunkable, or Bravo Studio — that gives you a solid amount of design freedom by letting you customize your apps to your needs. These app builders let you change parts of the templates you select and pinpoint where you place your app’s features.     

Can’t Build Web Apps 

While having a native mobile app is nice, you’ll want to be able to publish your app as a web app to reach a larger audience. This allows users to access your app by signing in through a browser. Unfortunately, Andromo doesn’t let you publish web apps.    

Solution: Use a no-code app builder to create a web app like Adalo or Bubble. Your users will be able to sign into your app from the web or use your app anonymously. Creating a web app will give you more building options, such as project management boards and sales funnels. 

Small Ecosystem 

Compared to other app builders, Andromo’s ecosystem (i.e., its user community, tutorials and lessons, and third-party APIs) is severely behind. This makes it more difficult to master using the app builder, get expert feedback, or power up your app with a slick API.  

Solution: Get an app builder, like Bubble, Adalo, or Thunkable, with a bountiful and thriving ecosystem. Such an ecosystem will provide you with a library packed with tutorials, the opportunity to ask questions on forums, and access to a smorgasbord of third-party plugins.  

The Top 5 Andromo Alternatives 

  • Adalo, the best overall Andromo alternative
  • GoodBarber, the best Andromo alternative for e-commerce
  • Bubble, the Andromo alternative with the best ecosystem
  • Thunkable, the easier Andromo alternative
  • Bravo Studio, the best Andromo alternative for designers

#1 The Best Overall Andromo Alternative 


What is it? 

Adalo is a no-code web and native app builder that provides the freedom and flexibility to create an app to your exact liking. 

What does it do better than Andromo? 

Featuring a super intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Adalo is the Andromo alternative that gives you an enormous degree of design freedom. You can drag and drop your app’s elements to the precise place on your screen and resize them to your needs.

If you get stuck or want to learn more about Adalo’s features, check out the Adalo App Academy. This useful resource has over 70 courses that will teach you everything about Adalo. And when inevitable questions arise, ask an expert on the Adalo Forum.  

Who is it best for? 

Here’s the reason that Adalo is the best overall Andromo alternative: It lets freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small to medium businesses build any app. These can be apps for e-commerce, social media, or CRM tools. Adalo’s app-building possibilities are nearly unlimited.   


You can get started with Adalo for $36/month

Final Verdict 

Adalo offers tremendous flexibility and functionality without sacrificing power, allowing you to build almost any type of app. 

#2 The Best Andromo Alternative For E-Commerce


What is it? 

GoodBarber builds web apps and native mobile apps that are geared towards e-commerce. 

What does it do better than Andromo? 

If you’re looking for a better design experience than Andromo, look no further than GoodBarber. Its templates are more aesthetically pleasing and easier to edit. You’ll be able to customize all your product information for your online store quickly and with great design control. 

You can also use GoodBarber’s SEO tool to get your GoodBarber-made web app in front of more people on Google. Optimize each of your products for Google search, enabling customers to easily connect with your store.   

Who is it best for? 

For those looking to sell their products or content with an e-commerce app, GoodBarber is the best choice. GoodBarber appeals to the same market as Andromo, i.e., those wanting to build an e-commerce app. Many consider GoodBarber to be a major upgrade from Andromo.  


GoodBarber has a free trial that doesn’t require credit card information. Check out GoodBarber’s Content Plan for $30/month (billed monthly) for those selling content subscriptions. If you are looking to sell products, try GoodBarber’s Standard Store Plan for $40/month (billed monthly).  

Final Verdict 

GoodBarber is the Andromo alternative that offers a better overall experience for those wishing to build an e-commerce app. 

#3 The Andromo Alternative With The Best Ecosystem 


What is it? 

Bubble is a powerful web app builder. Since it’s been around for over a decade, it has the largest ecosystem in the app-building game.

What does it do better than Andromo? 

While Bubble does require mastering a bit of a learning curve, it provides an ample amount of tutorials, guides, and courses in its Bubble Academy. Bubble really pulls out all the stops in explaining how to use every part of its app-building interface. 

Once you become proficient at Bubble’s building interface, there’s really nothing you can’t create. You’ll have the design control, flexibility, and access to several APIs and integrations for supercharging your app idea. 

While Bubble doesn’t create native mobile apps on its own, you can do so using Bubble’s integration with Nativator. 

Who is it best for? 

Those with the time to learn the building interface will find Bubble useful. Businesses of all sizes, from fledgling freelancers to behemoth Fortune 500 companies, can benefit from using Bubble.  


Bubble has a free version that lets you learn its app-building interface. You can publish your first web app for $32/month (billed monthly). For $134/month (billed monthly), you’ll get access to complete functionalities, like being able to build your app with a collaborator. 

Final Verdict 

Bubble is the Andromo alternative boasting a mammoth ecosystem and building interface that lets users build insanely powerful apps. 

#4 The Easier Andromo Alternative 


What is it? 

Thunkable is a no-code native app builder that features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.  

What does it do better than Andromo? 

Thunkable’s building interface is easier to use and provides a high degree of design freedom. Learning its basics is simple, so you’ll be able to start cobbling your app together right out of the box. 

Many people also find Thunkable’s ecosystem very helpful. You can see other people’s apps on Thunkable’s Public Gallery. Thunkable also has a forum filled with active users who are happy to help you navigate through any issues. 

Who is it best for? 

Use Thunkable to create internal business tools for your CRM or project management team. It’s quite easy to use, even for people without technical experience. 


Thunkable has a free version, but its lowest-tier version starts at $15/month (billed monthly) and lets you publish 2 apps. If you want to build more apps, go for Thunkable’s mid-tier version, which is $45/month (billed monthly). 

Final Verdict 

Thunkable is the easier-to-use Andromo alternative, with a drag-and-drop interface that’s very quick to learn and access to a large community of users.  

#5 The Best Andromo Alternative For Designers 

Bravo Studio

What is it? 

Bravo Studio is an app builder specifically made for designers — it transforms Figma designs into unique and beautiful-looking apps. 

What does it do better than Andromo? 

If you’re a Figma designer and you want to build a native mobile app, Bravo Studio is the Andromo alternative made especially for you. Bravo lets you create super unique apps directly from your Figma designs, giving you an astonishing level of design freedom. 

Bravo provides crash courses and tutorials in its Bravo Academy to ensure you hit the ground running. While you can troubleshoot issues on the Bravo forum, Bravo’s team is quite receptive to questions and usually happy to provide advice or support via email

Who is it best for? 

Anyone with Figma experience (non-designers will struggle with Bravo) who wants to make native mobile apps that can be published on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store will be right at home with Bravo. 


Bravo has a free version, but you can start building your own app for $21/month (billed monthly). If you want to release your own branded app, you’ll need to go for Bravo’s Advanced Version at $118/month (billed monthly). 

Final Verdict 

Bravo Studio is the best Andromo alternative for designers because it lets them create their own apps from their Figma designs. 


What is the Cheapest Andromo Alternative? 

Thunkable is the cheapest version for $15/month (billed monthly), but you don’t get much power as it only grants you 500MB of storage space. For more flexible alternatives, check out Bubble for $32/month (billed monthly) and Adalo starting at $36/month. 

 If you’re a designer, try Bravo Studio for $21/month (billed monthly). 

What Andromo Alternative has the Most APIs and Integrations? 

Bubble has hundreds of third-party APIs made by its developer community, and it comes with thousands of third-party integrations to apps like Zapier and MailChimp.  

What is the Best Andromo Alternative?

Adalo is the best Andromo alternative. There’s a reason why I’ve recommended Adalo to most people in need of an app builder. It’s very simple to use right out of the box, it comes with thousands of integrations, and it provides enough design freedom and power to bring nearly any app idea to life.   

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