While AI hasn’t been around for very long, it’s dramatically changing the tech landscape. Many tech companies, including no-code app builders, are integrating AI into their products. 

No-code app builders feature drag-and-drop interfaces, allowing people with no coding experience or technical knowledge to build their own apps. Integrating AI into no-code app builders might enhance the usability of your app, contributing to a better user experience. 

With so many options, it's difficult for aspiring app builders to find and select an app-building platform to suit their needs. Look no further because we’ve combed through several app builders. 

In this article, we’ll introduce you to our top four AI app builders that you can seamlessly and quickly use to create your own custom-made app.      

Before Building: Questions to Ask Yourself

Before selecting your no-code app builder, you must clearly know what tasks your app will perform and how it will appear on desktop and mobile devices. Ask yourself the following questions before building your app: 

  • What specific jobs will my app accomplish? Your app might be a chatbot answering visitors’ questions, a personalized recommendation engine, a payment application, a booking system, or an advanced predictive analysis tool. The app builder you choose will significantly influence which tasks your app will be capable of.
  • How can I ensure my app maximizes user experience? Your AI app should have an intuitive interface, making it accessible to beginners and experienced developers. To guarantee accessibility, you should choose an app builder that produces an app offering a seamless user experience. Do this by determining which templates fit your needs and how to incorporate certain functions. 

    How well your app builder works will directly impact your development time and learning curve for people who download your app.
  • What integration capabilities does my app need? If you’re building a booking app that takes payments, you must choose an app builder that integrates payment platforms like Stripe and Square.
    Not all app builders have the same integrations, so you must select your app builder after deciding what integrations you need for your app to create value for its users. 

Our Top Four App Builders

Adalo offers a robust selection of various AI integrations to automate tasks on your own custom-made app.

Glide offers quick and straightforward organization for big and messy data sets. 

Builder offers an app builder that uses AI-powered customization options to scale your up substantially. 

VoiceFlow offers an AI-driven development of voice apps like chatbots, storytellers, and more. 


Adalo is a simple-to-use, no-code app builder that appeals to small businesses. 

You can choose a template from their extensive library that matches your design ideas. Adalo accepts payments by integrating with Stripe, Square, and other payment platforms. It can build almost any app idea, like a chatbot, booking system, product review app, and more. 

How It Features AI

Adalo's powerful native-built AI, Magic Start, lets you generate a database structure after a prompt. If you’re a property manager, use Magic Start to organize all your records. Prompt it to build you an app that tracks rental payments, lease agreements, and maintenance records. It will scan your records and neatly classify each entry into your desired data fields.

You also can integrate almost any AI program into Adalo to supercharge your app with AI capabilities. Here are just a few AI use cases you can blend into your Adalo app: 

  • An interpreter using ChatGPT that can translate foreign language entries–like queries about products– into your native language.
  • Predictive analysis to determine how many bookings your restaurant will have on any night of the week. 
  • An automated email response program that can handle customer questions about your e-commerce products. 
  • An image recognition system integrated with Amazon ReKognition that will categorize and track your inventory. 

Who It’s Best For

Businesses with many customer queries would benefit from creating their own app with Adalo. Automate your email responses or create a customer-friendly chatbot to save critical time. Restaurant owners can also automate their booking systems to automatically receive table bookings and payments. 


Adalo’s pricing plans start at $36/month.


Glide is a drag-and-drop interface app builder, allowing no-coders considerable freedom when building their app. When building, you can start from a completely blank screen or choose from its thousands of templates. It specializes in placing oodles of unorganized data into neat spreadsheets. Glide also provides robust security settings if your app contains sensitive information. 

How It Features AI

Glide synchronizes data from other sources and integrates them into a spreadsheet. After notifying Glide with a few commands, it will swiftly place mountains of data in different tables for optimal organization. 

You can neatly transform messy combinations of invoices, receipts, and customer records into crisply arranged tables and columns in very little time. Glide’s key features include:

  • Automating tasks such as sending new item information to your spreadsheet. 
  • Providing insightful feedback and analytics comparing prices, inventory levels, and shipment time. 
  • Predicting future trends about items in your store based on past performances. 
  • Automatically selecting the most ideal model to manage your data for you, meaning you don’t have to worry about structuring or presenting your data. 

Who It’s Best For

If you need vast quantities of product information neatly organized in a spreadsheet, Glide is an excellent app. Glide is a go-to for any business that needs to organize messy raw data into a structured, easy-to-read layout in a spreadsheet. 


Glide has a free plan that offers 1,000 updates monthly; their Business Plan allows 100 users with 25,000 monthly updates, which costs $249/month.


Using Builder, you’ll have access to a cornucopia of industry-specific templates complete with pre-made features. You can swiftly determine the best template that fits your needs and industry and then easily create your mobile or web app. Builder will also allow you to scale your app up quickly. 

How It Features AI

Builder features its own AI “Project Manager,” Natasha, who will recommend different features for you as you build your app. You can tell Natasha how you want your app to appear, what industry your app will serve, and any other features you want. 

She’ll recommend templates, which you can further customize to your tastes. 

Natasha can help you build your app very quickly, and she can even test your app to iron out any glitches. The testing process takes a blistering 60 seconds. If you’re looking to scale your app, Builder also leverages its AI to meet the needs of an app downloaded by several thousands of people or more. 

Who It’s Best For

If you’re a large company that needs to get a new app out to thousands of people quickly, Builder’s scalability feature and lighting-fast testing speeds will enable you to scale up quickly. Builder designed its scaling feature to be compatible with mobile and web applications, simplifying their scaling process.   


Builder starts at $200/month, but you won’t have access to your templates for up to two weeks. You’ll have to contact Builder for a quote to create your customized features


Voiceflow is an app builder designed to create voice applications using a no-code interface. It allows non-technical users to make voice apps like chatbots and voice assistants. You can integrate apps you build with Voiceflow into Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant or create your own app for telling stories or reading back notes. 

How It Features AI

Voiceflow uses natural language understanding to interpret meanings and provide valuable feedback. The following are some use cases that feature Voiceflow’s AI: 

  • A chatbot for an e-commerce site to track orders and answer questions. 
  • An interactive story-telling app that answers listeners’ questions while they listen. 
  • A personal health assistant that tracks workouts and meals and can suggest what to eat for dinner based on fitness goals or how intense your next workout should be based on biometrics. 

Who It’s Best For

If you sell products and need to create an interactive assistant or chatbot to answer questions, Voiceflow will do a great job. It will also work as an educational tool by providing storytelling options or explaining certain concepts to students.  


Voiceflow has a free version with limited features; their Professional version allows only one editor and costs $50/month. If you need more editors to work on projects, you’ll have to contact Voiceflow for pricing. 

Decide Which App Builder Works Best

Before considering AI features, you must choose one that works best for you. What we mean is that you need to enjoy using the drag-and-drop interface. The templates and custom design selection also must work with what you want to build.   

Once you build your app, confirm that it performs all the tasks you designed it to. You’ll appreciate an app that functions and provides value more than one that looks pretty but doesn’t significantly ease your operations or workflows. 

Ensure you know all the features your app builder of choice provides and how to integrate them into your app. Doing this will add to a positive user experience, which might attract more users to download your app.   

Build an App That Gives Users AI Integrations

Want to make an app that harnesses the convenient power of AI? Do you want to make it conveniently accessible by allowing your users to download it in the Apple iOS and Google Play Stores? Build your app with Adalo.

Filled with customizable templates and AI-powered add-ons, Adalo lets you build an app your users will adore. Using Adalo’s AI tool, Magic Start, create a clean and fresh database of items sold from your e-commerce store in seconds. Then, build an inventory-tracking system so you never run out of your hottest sellers.

If you’ve never written code, don’t worry. Adalo uses a seamless drag-and-drop interface so you can construct your app with ease–and without technical knowledge. Hundreds of small business owners like you already use Adalo to enhance their operations. 

Start building your AI-powered app for free.

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