You’ve had a successful brick-and-mortar hair salon business for quite some time, but there’s still space in your planner. One way to get more customers is to design an eye-catching website to draw customers into your salon. 

But you don’t have any website design experience, and your expertise lies in cutting hair, not coding. Worry not–because there are website and app builders that require absolutely no technical or coding knowledge.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the basics you must know to build a stellar hair salon site. After reading, you’ll have the know-how to use no-code drag-and-drop tools to create your own unique website. 

Decide How You Want Your Site to Appear

Before using your mouse to cobble together your website, you’ll want to figure out how content on your site will appear structurally. Get a piece of paper and draw a few designs. Write in where you’ll put pictures, links, and written copy. Here are some features you’ll want to include: 

  • Your address and contact information. Ensure that site visitors can easily find this. 
  • Your hours of operation and days off must be easily linked to or visible on every page. 
  • A page gives visitors a range of your pricing and your services
  • A color scheme that matches your brick-and-mortar’s color and logo. Including this will make your site match your location and appear professional. 

This information is crucial to your business, as it will tell clients when you’re available and how much they’ll need to pay for your services. Once you know how your site will look, it’s time to start building it.

Choose a Website or App Builder

A quick Google search will reveal a mind-boggling number of website builders you can use to create your site. Instead of scouring through each one and trying to make a choice, we’ve done the work for you and discovered three no-code site builders. 

Build an App and a Site with Adalo 

Adalo is a great option because you can use it to build a website and an app. It’s the most user-friendly app and website builder on this list because it uses a smoothly simple drag-and-drop interface for both website and app building. 

Build a site with Adalo by choosing one of the hundreds of templates catered to hair salons. Adalo also lets you upload pictures, logos, or videos. Use multimedia that highlights your work so site visitors will want to book your services.   

Adalo’s app builder functions exactly the same as its website builder. So, by the time you build your app, you should be proficient with Adalo’s drag-and-drop interface. Here are a few functions your app can perform: 

  • Appointment Booking: Clients can see when appointments are available and book by tapping their screen. You can even include options for selecting services, shampoos and conditioners, and stylists.
  • Payment Options: Your clients can pay immediately after their appointment using their mobile device. Adalo is integrated with many payment platforms, like Stripe, Square, and PayPal so that you can receive payment quickly and without cash.  
  • Loyalty Program: Hair salons are loyalty-based businesses, and Adalo lets you customize your own loyalty program or rewards system. Show your loyal customers your appreciation by offering loyalty discounts for ongoing business. 
  • Promotions and Push Notifications: Did you just receive a shipment of the most soothing tea-tree mint shampoo on the market? Keep your clients informed about new products and services through push notifications. You can even create limited-time offers for products and services you want to promote.

When you finish designing your app, you can make it available for download from the Apple iOS and Google Play Stores

Adalo’s simplicity, combined with the almost endless number of features you can build and customize yourself, makes it the clear front-runner on our list. 


Adalo starts its pricing at $36/month. 

Vagaro: An All-In-One-Website and App Builder For the Beauty Industry

Vagaro is an all-in-one building platform that allows you to use a drag-and-drop interface to create a website, build an app, and manage all your operations with its specialized software. Using Vagaro will give you the convenience of a one-stop shop that caters to the beauty industry.   

Vagaro’s Features

  • Website and Mobile App Builders: Vagaro allows you to create a custom website and mobile app. You can create an app with a booking and payment system and embed it into the site so customers can download it. This feature makes your app and site easily manageable for you and convenient for your customers. 
  • Hair-Salon-Specific Templates: Vagaro allows those in the beauty industry to build their own sites and apps. It provides a massive library of app and website templates specifically designed for hair salons and their needs. Vagaro uses a simple drag-and-drop interface for you to build your app.
  • Data Analytics and Reporting: Vagaro’s unique software lets you extract and visualize data from your app and website. You can use this to analyze your business performance during certain months and make informed decisions using this data–like when to offer specials and when peak demand time for a perm is. 


Vagaro’s pricing starts at $25/month, but specific add-ons like payments, push notifications, and a custom booking page will cost more. 

Square Online

Square Online is the website design arm of the payment company Square. When you use Square Online’s simple drag-and-drop interface to build your website, you’ll also have access to its expansive payment platform. 

Square Online’s Features

  • Highly customizable: Square Online showcases an enormous collection of dynamic templates featuring unique colors and video content that can make your salon site visually appealing. You can choose a unique style from Square Online’s wide range of templates. 
  • Integration to Google Shopping and Meta (Facebook) Shop: You can use Square Online’s synchronization with Google and Meta to promote your hair salon. Seamlessly run a Google or Meta ad campaign targeting users just a few miles from your hair salon with no more than $500. Using this integration can promote your business quickly and with minimal effort. 
  • Streamlined Payments: Square Online brings its advanced payment software to your website. You can set up your system to automate payments from your client’s account (checking, CashApp, or PayPal) as soon as you check customers out of your salon after completing your services. Using this feature, you won’t have to spend time collecting money–you can immediately begin preparing for your next appointment. 


Square Online has a free website builder, and their most expensive one is the Premium Plan at $79/month. However, Square charges 2.9%+$0.30 for every transaction on their free site and 2.6%+$0.30 on their Premium Site. 

Choose a Site Builder That Saves Time

You want to build your site and apps as quickly as possible– your trade is running a hair salon. We recommend using a site and app builder that combines speed with versatility functions. While Varago is customized to the beauty industry, and Square provides some slick templates, choosing Adalo gives you more. 

You’ll be able to integrate more multimedia and app features that spotlight your brand and improve your salon’s overall customer experience. Doing this should also help you get more appointments. 

Start building your app and site with Adalo for free.

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