Your craft is beautifying people’s hair. After years of grinding it out, you’ve built your own team and opened the doors of your own salon. You’ve got loyal customers…but you’ve also got a few open slots in your calendar. 

The problem is, you still haven’t set up an online booking system. It’s 2024, and everything is done online. If you don’t have an online booking system, you’re behind the curve

We understand what’s keeping you from using an online booking system – you have tons of questions about why you should use one.

In this article, we’ll highlight the three major benefits that moving your hair salon booking system online will bring to you. 

Benefit 1: Save Time and Schedule Appointments with Ease

Are you using outdated scheduling methods, like answering the phone and writing appointment times into your physical calendar?

If so, you’re wasting time that could be used working with customers or training your team. An online booking system schedules appointments for you - so you can use your hands to style hair, not write-in appointments.

Your customers can book appointments directly from your system in seconds by clicking a few buttons. When customers confirm their appointment times, your booking system automatically enters them into your online calendar, freeing up tons of time. You won’t have to worry about misplacing your physical scheduling book, either.   

Today, more and more business happens online, so to stay ahead of your competition, you’ll need to have an online booking system. Millennials and Generation Z both prefer to schedule online, not over the phone. Appealing to these generations with an online booking system will help you lock them down as customers, too.  

Benefit 2: Better Communication 

Most online booking systems come with a built-in messaging tool. You can use this tool to chat with your customers within the booking system itself. A messenger will allow for quick communication between you and your customers

Your customers will appreciate being able to message you directly through your booking system. Customers won’t have to scroll through their SMS or WhatsApp histories to find your salon – they’ll be able to reach out to you with a few simple taps. As a bonus, messaging within your own booking system will make you appear more professional.    

You’ll also be able to send automated reminders to customers about their upcoming appointments. This handy feature will reduce no-shows. Who doesn’t want a reduction of no-shows? 

Benefit 3: You Can Do More Than Just Book Appointments

Most online booking systems come with features and tools that do more than you think. When you get an online booking system, the number of additional features will surprise you. Here are just a few extras that you might get:

  • Email marketing integrations that let you send newsletters to your customers. 
  • Analytics integrations so you can see how often your customers visit and how much they spend.   
  • Payment integrations to platforms like Stripe, PayPal, and Square. These let your customers pay for your services with a convenient press of a button. 
  • Inventory management features that track when you need to replenish your stock, so you’ll never be out of product. 

Booking software will not just save you time but also streamline your operations. Customers will appreciate that your operations are well-managed and professional. Most likely, they’ll be more than likely to refer you to their friends and colleagues, which is always good for business.   

What to Look for In A Booking Platform

We’re confident that you’re sold on getting online booking software. But with so many choices out there, selecting a booking system might seem challenging. Worry not– we love reviewing booking management software and have done the work for you.

Users must be able to get a good idea of how a booking system works before making a commitment, and a booking system must offer stellar communication between your team and your clients. We picked our top booking software with the following in mind: 

  • Each booking system comes with a free trial. Use this period to learn all the booking system’s ins and outs and determine if the booking system is a good fit for you. With a free trial, you can avoid spending money on a system you know nothing about. 
  • Reminders and confirmations about booking times are crucial to solid communications, so the booking systems we chose come with their own internal messaging platforms. Sending reminders 24 hours in advance about appointments through a booking system will reduce no-shows. Everyone loves fewer no-shows! 
  • Setting up and using these booking systems requires no technical, programming, or computer skills. To use these systems, you either create your very own app using a codeless drag-and-drop interface or you create a profile like setting up an Instagram or Facebook account. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll have your booking system up and running.   

The following are four solid booking management software programs that we recommend:  


Adalo is a no-code app builder that leverages a drag-and-drop interface so you can build your very own booking app for your salon. You need zero coding, technical, or programming skills to use Adalo. 

When you choose Adalo, you’ll be able to cater your booking system to your salon’s brand, and you’ll also be able to make it available to your customers via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you want full control over the look, feel, and function of your booking system, Adalo is the choice for you.

Pricing: Start using Adalo for $36/month

DaySmart Salon

DaySmart Salon is an all-in-one software solution for your salon. You’ll get more than just booking software because DaySmart lets you process payments, track analytics, and leverage an inventory management system. If you want a booking system that also helps you manage your salon, DaySmart Salon might be a good fit.

Pricing: While the DaySmart Salon’s basic version starts at $29/month, you’ll need to upgrade to the deluxe version at $69/month for payment processing and digital forms. 


Booksy features appointment scheduling and staff management. You’ll be able to assign shifts and keep track of wage and salary information. For marketing, Booksy has social media integrations that allow you to manage your social media content and campaigns in one place. If you’re looking for a booking system that contributes to your marketing efforts, give Booksy a shot. 

Pricing: Booksy starts at $29.99/month but charges an extra $20 per additional user. If you have a big team, Booksy can get expensive. 


Mangomint is designed for salons with medium-sized teams and above. Its booking features allot specific tools or services, like a hydrofacial machine or a laser hair removal system, to certain times. This feature ensures special services aren’t double booked. If you’re a big or growing salon with a few unique services that can only be used by one client at a time, check out Mangomint. 

Pricing: Mangomint is the priciest booking software on our list, with the cheapest option starting at $165/month. If you have a huge team, Mangomint might offer you more bang for your buck at $375/month for unlimited users. 

Conclusion: Better Customer Communication

When you choose your system, you’ll need to inform your clients that you’re taking online bookings and make sure they know how to book appointments. While switching over to your new booking solution might take a little effort, your clients will most likely find it easier and more convenient than before.

By using an online booking system, you’ll be able to spend more time on your trade. An online booking system will serve you like a good employee, changing your salon’s scheduling and operations for the better. 

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