If you’ve been thinking of starting a digital business this year, you’re in good company! The number of smartphone users on the globe is 3.8 billion, and 2020 saw a massive 218 BILLION app downloads! But what about usage? Turns out, smartphone users spend about 4 hours per day using mobile internet, and 88% of that is via mobile apps.

Now that we’ve established that mobile app usage is on the rise, you may be wondering whether it’s worth investing tens of thousands of dollars to develop a mobile app. Getting an app from concept to deployment isn’t a small feat. This is especially true if you’re thinking of a mobile app as a side-gig or a project that you want to devote some, but not all of your time to.

There are many ways to go about building an app. You could hire a freelancer, engage in the services of a dev shop, learn how to code and build it yourself, or build it using no-code. So without further ado, let’s explore some mobile app business ideas that you can launch with no-code!

Why Directory Apps are a Great Business Opportunity in 2022

A directory is an online list of businesses, products, or services within a particular niche, location, or category. Directory apps let you catalog products or services, and can also allow people to book, purchase, or interact with these listings. One way local businesses can get found by online searchers is by being included in directories.

It helps to keep your directories hyperlocal, meaning they will cater to a specific town, suburb, school, or community. This way you can make sure that people get the maximum value from your app.

Here are some great directory app ideas that you can run with.

A Real Estate App

Most people look online when they’re trying to buy, rent, or sell property. A well-designed, local real estate directory app can be a great opportunity to bring the market together, connect buyers and sellers, and help people find what they’re looking for all in one place.

A real estate directory app can be used by property owners to submit their listings under specific categories like houses, apartments, condos, vacation homes, or commercial properties.

Feature ideas for a real estate app

📍 Proximity search
🌍 Map-based view
📸 Image gallery
❤️ Wishlist
💬 Messaging/call functionality to connect buyers and sellers
📲 Social sharing

Monetization ideas for a real estate app

💰 Selling ad spaces
💰 Offering a premium version with more features
💰 Sponsored ads from other real estate platforms
💰 Affiliate programs that let you earn commission for referral customers

Check out this amazing template for a real estate app!

A Job or Internship Listing App

Employment or internship opportunities have moved almost entirely online. Because of this, job directory platforms (either as websites, or apps) have become the most widely used tools for recruitment, connecting job seekers and employers.

Most apps like these will include multiple industries, locations, and options like part-time, remote, full-time, etc. If you expect to create a directory for jobs it should have the following features. Alternatively you could build an industry-specific job board that caters to design jobs, healthcare jobs, or remote jobs, for example.

Feature ideas for a job board app

👥 User profiles and resume upload
👀 Job listing dashboard
🔎 Search and filtering options
✅ Notifications for job alerts
💬 Messaging boards

Monetization ideas for a job listing app

💰 Fees to post app
💰 Charging for access
💰 Hosting ads
💰 Featured resumes

You can use this cloneable kit to add a chat feature to your app!

A Product or Service Directory App

There are many different kinds of product or service directory apps (commonly known as business directory apps). Some can just be a catalog of items like furniture items, clothing, or electronics. Or in the case of services, you can catalog salon services, rent camping equipment, find fitness classes, repair services, and more.

These lists can contain tags, descriptions, and the option to be added to wishlists. Most eCommerce apps take a business directory one step further by adding additional functionality like payments integration, location services, and shopping carts.

Feature ideas for a product directory app

❤️ Wish lists
😍 Option to favorite items
👇🏼 Filter by categories
📲 Social sharing

Monetization ideas for a product directory app

💰 Ad space
💰 Percentage of transactions
💰 Payment for business promotion

This slick template is perfect for cataloging, buying, or selling products!

A Recipe App

A great way to connect cooking enthusiasts is through a recipe app. You can curate it based on specific cuisines, special occasions, localities, and communities.

You can choose a specific niche like cocktail recipes, vegan recipes, or healthy recipes. Allow people to filter based on main ingredients, time, or difficulty level. It’ll be great if people can rate recipes and leave comments to help establish a community.

Feature ideas for a recipe app

🍔 Filter options
⭐️ Star ratings
💬 Comments
📹 Gallery and video library

Monetization ideas for a recipe app

💰 Ad space
💰 Gated content like premium recipes and communities

Try this awesome recipe app template on Adalo or integrate this YouTube component on your app.

An Events App

People are always on the lookout for niche events around their area that would fit their interests – whether that’s live music, parties, film screenings, or child-friendly events. The tricky thing with events is that they have to be hyperlocal. Usually, people end up following multiple Instagram accounts to find events that they’d like to attend.

The opportunity with an events app is that it can be super niche, super local, and super curated. If you define your audience well and know the events that would interest them, you’re guaranteed to find success.

Feature ideas for an events app

📆 Filter by locality or date
🟢 Payment integration for ticket booking
📲 Social sharing
📹 Video gallery
✅ Push notifications
📆 Integration with calendar

Monetization ideas for an events app

💰 Ad space
💰 Commissions
💰 Payment for event promotion

Use this amazing template for an events app or try this cloneable kit for an integrated calendar on your app!

Ship Your No-code Business Quickly!

If you’re looking for ways to make money with a no-code app, we’ve compiled some great ideas. Remember that with directory apps, you’ll need a good, solid database to keep track of your records. A no-code app building tool like Adalo has a built-in database that you can use, it’s both powerful and easy to use.

Learn more about how to do user research, designing your app, and amplifying your reach through these proven marketing techniques.

No coding? No problem! Thanks to no-code technology, you can now build fully responsive mobile apps with ease. This game-changing innovation has made software development more accessible and affordable than ever before, with tools like Adalo allowing anyone to create high-quality software without extensive coding knowledge or expensive development teams.

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