Some people have called you a social butterfly. So, it’s no wonder that you love organizing, managing and hosting events. You’ve never held an event you dislike because delivering the best experience to people is your forté

There’s only one problem: you still plan with a pen, paper, the occasional Google document, and Facebook Messenger. It’s 2024, and there are so many apps out there that can make your job a lot easier. 

It’s time to say goodbye to the (lack of) technology of 2010!

We get it, finding an event management app is exhausting. But luckily, we’ve been on the job and have determined the best ones. 

In this article, we’ll show you the top ten event management apps for 2024.

Why You Need an Event Management App 

Managing an event is no easy task. You need to communicate with several people who play important roles when preparing for and executing the event. If one thing goes wrong, the whole event could crash and burn. 

Here’s the point: event management software will make your job easier, and you’ll be able to get more done in less time. Take advantage of the tools that can help you host an even better event next time. 

Using an event management app is a no-brainer.  

How We Chose Our Top Event Management Apps

After sifting through several event management apps and their features, we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff. We examined each app’s unique features and narrowed down our list to the apps that add the most value to event managers.  

 We picked event management apps that have the following sets of features: 

  1. A Large Suite of Tools: To get the most out of your event management app, you’ll need an app that can execute event management tasks, provide feedback, and make your job easier
  1. Host Virtual and In-Person Events: Today, virtual events are as popular as in-person events. The apps we chose have features to manage both virtual and in-person events. These apps will save time and ease operations, especially when you’re juggling in-person and virtual events. 
  1. Communication: Sending and receiving information through an app’s chat feature is crucial to your event’s success. The apps we chose have a messaging tool, letting you communicate with your team in one place

This can shrink the chances of errors and poor communication.     

Here’s our top ten event management apps for 2024: 

  • Adalo, if you want to custom-make your very own event management app that’s tailored to your tastes and the special requirements of your event. 
  • Bizzabo, if you want a comprehensive event management app that supports networking between attendees at larger-sized events. 
  • Cvent, if you want a battle-tested event management app that will even help you source event locations for your next event, no matter the size. 
  • Whova, if you want an easy-to-use event-management interface trusted by many Fortune 500 companies. 
  • EventMobi, if you want an event management app that helps you find event sponsors. 
  • Eventbase, if you want to communicate with your attendees long before and after the event takes place. 
  • Stova, if you want to hold a multi-year event and need an app for managing it.  
  • RingCentral, if you want a competitively priced event management app.  
  • Eventbrite, if you want to market your event on a social media platform tailor-made for events
  •, if you want an app that can simplify a huge number of tasks and distribute them to various teams.  

#1 Adalo

Adalo is an app builder that gives you the ability to freely create your own event management that’s designed to your exact needs and preferences. You don’t need any coding or technical knowledge to use Adalo’s no-code drag-and-drop interface. 

Choose a template from Adalo’s library, change up the color scheme, and add pictures and designs that suit your taste. With Adalo, you can build out features that aren’t available on any other app using Adalo’s 5,500 different software integrations. This is just one of the reasons why Adalo is the strong frontrunner on our list.     

Why We Picked Adalo 

  • Use Adalo’s PayPal, Stripe, and Square integrations to receive payments directly from people who register for your event. You can also connect to Quickbooks to easily organize and track the revenue your event brings in. This makes keeping track of your money really easy.
  • As soon as attendees purchase tickets, send them a receipt and directions for ticket collection in the form of a push notification. Doing this will simplify ticket distribution. 
  • After you finish building your event management app, publish it in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or your website. This feature makes downloading your app incredibly easy for everyone involved to get on board. 


Adalo’s pricing starts at $36/month

#2 Bizzabo

If you specialize in managing huge events with an eye-watering number of attendees, Bizzabo might be a great choice for you. Its app comes packed with a load of useful features and tools that can simplify managing your large event and your teams.  

Why We Picked Bizzabo 

  • Bizzabo will provide you with their proprietary “Klik badges”. When attendees meet each other, they can just touch their Klik badges, and Bizzabo will send both attendees their new acquaintance’s contact information

    This feature makes networking insanely easy. Attendees can effectively make new relationships and do more business. 
  • Klik badges also provide you with solid analytics about your event and its attendees. If your event features seminars, speeches, or other presentations, each attendee will scan their Klik badge at a station before entering. 

    This will give you robust feedback about attendance numbers and the popularity of certain speakers, which you can use to improve future events.   


Bizzabo has four pricing tiers: Essential, Premium, Unleash, and Enterprise, all of which can manage an unlimited number of events and users. But you’ll need to contact Bizzabo for pricing.

#3 Cvent

Cvent has been around the event management block - over 6 million events have been managed by people using Cvent’s event management app. Nearly a quarter of a billion people have registered for Cvent events over the years. With experience like this, Cvent is a great option.  

Why We Picked Cvent 

  • Are you planning an event in an unfamiliar town or area and not sure how to secure a venue? Cvent leverages a sourcing database that allows you to search through a long list of potential venues in the area of your event. Use this tool to find your best fit. 
  • While some event management apps offer support, Cvent gives highly responsive, on-demand, 24/7 live support. Relying on live support will enable you to nip potential issues in the bud and will help ensure your event runs smoothly so your attendees come back for the next one. 


Cvent has two pricing tiers: Professional and Enterprise. Both offer 24/7 customer support and venue sourcing. For exact pricing and availability, you’ll need to contact Cvent. 

#4 Whova

Whova gives you and your attendees a comprehensive suite of tools that makes navigating events simple. Attendees can download your event’s app and create their own personal agenda so they can get the most out of your event. 

Why We Picked Whova 

  • While it doesn’t have the design freedom offered by Adalo, the Whova app is customizable for your event. Users can download the event’s map, create plans for the day, and set alarms for seminars. 

    Whova’s features make it easy for attendees to set optimal schedules and find their way around. 
  • Attendees can create their own profiles for the event on the Whova app and swap information with the click of a button. They can also go one step further and set a meeting time for later in the day and add members to their team. This simplifies networking.  


You’ll have to contact Whova directly to get pricing for their app. 

#5 EventMobi

EventMobi provides comprehensive solutions for events of all sizes. When your attendees register for the event, they also become part of a social network that keeps them connected for the next year. This is a very handy feature for attendees looking to stay in touch over the long term. 

Why We Picked EventMobi

  • If you need sponsors for an upcoming event, EventMobi can help. They’ll provide you with the EventMobi Sponsorship Strategy guide to help make your pitch connect with the right sponsors and help you lock them down. 
  • For those hosting trade shows, exhibitions, or fairs, use EventMobi’s lead-capture tool to help businesses displaying new products get leads. Exhibitors can get a lead’s information by scanning the QR code on a lead’s badge when they visit.

    EventMobi’s system will connect them to their social network. Exhibitors will love the simplicity of getting and organizing leads, which can help them earn revenue in the future.     


Virtual Events start from $1,458 per event with a multi-event annual subscription; in-person events start at $2,500 per event

#6 Eventbase

With Eventbase, you get an event management app that can keep your attendees excited about your upcoming event. Even if they register six months in advance, use the app to send attendees weekly updates about seminars and speakers

After the event, provide your attendees with videos from the event so they can remember the experience. 

Why We Picked Eventbase 

  • Give each part of your event a special feel by selecting matching templates. This can draw more attendees to presentations, speeches, or special exhibits. You can also create specialized features for VIPs or exhibitors to enhance their experience. 
  • Eventbase has excellent scalability, so it can be configured to manage events of all sizes. No matter how big or small your event - from 25 people to 250,000 or more (Evenbase has been used to manage three Olympic Games), you can use Eventabase to deliver a flawless event.   


To get pricing, you need to contact Eventbase directly.

#7 Stova

Stova is a solid choice if you’re holding a small or medium-sized event. Its user-friendly interface excels at providing tools for small seminars and workshops that occur every year. 

Why We Picked Stova

  • Use Stova’s technology to offer courses for software and technology certifications. For instance, if you train people how to use Tableau, you can design certain workflows that teach core competencies. 

    Update your training course each year for certification renewal so you can keep your attendees up to date. Attendees will get more out of your courses when you’re up to date. 
  • With Stova, you can leverage email marketing to grow your event’s popularity. After you finish gathering leads, you’ll be able to create beautiful and attention-grabbing emails by customizing email templates to your taste

This feature can convince more people to come to your event. 


You need to contact Stova directly for pricing.

#8 RingCentral

RingCentral’s versatility appeals to many diverse industries, like financial services, education, healthcare, automotive, and more. No matter what sort of event you’re holding, RingCentral will have solutions to make it run smoothly. 

Why We Picked RingCentral

  • RingCentral is one of the most competitively priced apps on our list. They offer three pricing options that can fit with most events. So, if you’re on a tight budget, RingCentral might be a good choice.  
  • For virtual events or calls, RingCentral harnesses the power of AI to record transcripts and make summaries. This will help attendees better understand the event’s content so they can leave the event with more knowledge.  


RingCentral’s pricing starts at $750/year, which includes a full package of features to successfully manage your event. If you need more features, you can upgrade, but you’ll have to talk to RingCentral for pricing

#9 Eventbrite

Want an alternative to sending out loads of marketing emails? Use Eventbrite, as it functions like a social media platform that lets you post your event to a community of users. 

Just create a profile for your event, and you’ll get it in front of millions of eyeballs, which can help you get more attendees. 

Why We Picked Eventbrite 

  • Eventbrite categorizes each event by type on their homepage. People looking for live concerts, business seminars, or educational events need only click on the event-type icon to find the full list of events. 

    This feature makes it easy for people to find the event they’re looking for. 
  • When you post your event on Eventbrite, you’ll be reaching a community that exceeds five million users worldwide. Using Eventbrite will give your event critical exposure, which can help you get more attendees.  


With the Flex Version, you pay $9.99 per event and up to 100 tickets sold; you can pay $29.99 per month for the Pro Version for unlimited events with no more than 100 tickets per event. 

If you need to sell more than 100 tickets, contact Eventbrite for custom pricing.   


If running your event requires several teams, each tasked with specific jobs, then is a great choice for you. Create job boards, lists, and more, and assign them to each team. 

With, you’ll be able to keep those complex moving parts functioning smoothly so every attendee has an enjoyable experience.

Why We Picked

  • Automate your event’s workflows using’s automation features. This will save time when tracking task progress, so your team will be able to focus more energy on the job at hand.  
  • After certain tasks have been completed, will notify managers and supervisors so they can review and sign off on the work. This feature will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and your event goes as planned, headache-free. 


You can start using’s Basic Plan at $9 per user/month. But if you want limited automation features, you’ll need to upgrade to the Standard Plan at $12 per user/month also offers a Pro Version with more automation features at time tracking at $19 per user/month. 

If you’re running a large event, can come with a hefty price tag. 


Next Steps

Choosing your event management app depends on a few factors, namely the number of functions you want to hold and your event’s size. All of our apps offer either a free trial or a free demo. Take advantage of these offers and check out each event management app. 

We’re sure that you will be happy with whichever event management app you choose. When you use one of the apps from our list, you’ll unleash the power to help ensure that your event runs exactly the opposite of the 2017 Fyre Festival: super smooth, well-organized, and memorable - a good time that attendees will be talking about for years to come. 

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