On the surface, Appy Pie looks like an excellent no-code app builder: It's relatively cheap, boasts a simple building interface, and works well with Android devices.   

However, many find that Appy Pie falls short of other app builders, especially in areas like design freedom and iOS compatibility. Appy Pie is also not as consumer-friendly as other app builders because its free trial is very limited.  

If you’ve lost hope, don’t worry! There are many Appy Pie alternatives out there, and we’ve sieved through most of them and shortlisted our favorites. In this article, we’ll review the top 6 Appy Pie alternatives.

Why Search For An Appy Pie Alternative? 

Appy Pie has a simple-to-learn app-building interface that lets you build your native mobile app quickly. It’s also a great choice for Android users, as they can publish their native mobile app to the Google Play Store for as little as $16/month. 

But, Appy Pie falls short in a few areas. After working with and recommending no-code app builders to entrepreneurs and business owners for over 10 years, I’ve heard these three following complaints about Appy Pie: 

Design Freedom

While Appy Pie boasts an intuitive app builder you can use right out of the box, it doesn’t allow for unique customization. For instance, Appy Pie offers many templates that let you start building your app, but you can’t alter these templates to your liking. You must use the elements that come with each template as they are.  

When you choose Appy Pie, you sacrifice design freedom and customization for simplicity

Solution: Choose an app builder, like Adalo or Jotform, that lets you customize each element and template on your app. App builders like these will allow you to craft your app to appear the way you want it to appear. 

Limited Free Trial 

Compared to most app builders, Appy Pie’s cheapest version is very affordable at $16/month. Unlike most other app builders, Appy Pie doesn’t come with a free version—you only get a 7-day free trial. To access the 7-day free trial, you must enter your credit card information.   

Most, especially those building an app for the first time, might need more than seven days to learn how to use an app builder or actually build out your full app

If you wish to discontinue Appy Pie, you’ll need to remember to unsubscribe and then click through your profile to complete the unsubscribing process. If you forget, you might get charged for something you don’t want to use. 

Solution: Pick an app builder with a free version - all the app builders on our list have free versions. While most free versions restrict the size of the app you can build and the features you can add, free versions last for an unlimited time and give you a chance to get comfortable using an app builder.  

iOS Limitations 

While Appy Pie is favorable for Android users, it’s the opposite for iOS users. Using Appy Pie to make an app that’s supported by the iOS platform will cost you $60/month, a steep price compared to other app builders. 

Let me emphasize that one more time: If you make an app with Appy Pie, it will only work with iOS devices if you opt for the most expensive $60/month version. This is a significant drawback, considering more than half of all Americans use Apple devices.  

Solution: Choose an app builder that’s compatible with iOS and Android systems and reasonably priced, like each of the app builders on our list.  

The Top 6 Appy Pie Alternatives 

  • Adalo, the best overall Appy Pie alternative. 
  • Glide, the Appy Pie alternative with the best overall design aesthetic.
  • GoodBarber, the easiest-to-use Appy Pie alternative.  
  • Jotform, the Appy Pie alternative with the best free tier. 
  • FlutterFlow, the Appy Pie alternative for developers. 
  • Softr, the Appy Pie alternative that makes the best web apps. 

#1 The Best Overall Appy Pie Alternative


What is it? 

Adalo is a no-code app builder that gives you the design freedom and flexibility to create web apps and native mobile apps to your exact liking. 

What does it do better than Appy Pie? 

Adalo’s user interface is easier to use than Appy Pie’s. You can add or delete elements and create new screens with little or no help from tutorials. Adalo is also the Appy Pie alternative that offers the most design freedom, letting you edit app screens and resize photos using its simple drag-and-drop interface

Publish your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store starting at $36/month. Adalo’s free tier is full of features, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the platform.  

Who is it best for? 

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small and medium businesses can use Adalo to breathe life into their app ideas. You can use Adalo to create almost any app imaginable: Including online stores, social networks, and inventory management tools. 


While Adalo’s cheapest version, at $36/month, is more expensive than Appy Pie’s, Adalo has a free version that’s designed to help you learn the app builder. And if you’re an iOS user (like more than half of Americans), you won’t have any issues building an app that works on an iOS platform. 

Final Verdict 

Because Adalo is competitively priced, easy to use, and incredibly powerful, Adalo is the best overall Appy Pie alternative on our list. 

#2 The Appy Pie Alternative With The Best Overall Design Aesthetic 


What is it? 

Glide features a point-and-click interface that allows you to build web apps that are second to none in aesthetic appearance. 

What does it do better than Appy Pie? 

While it’s not quite as easy to use as Appy Pie, you’ll be able to create much more attention-grabbing apps when you build with Glide. Glide doesn’t have as much design freedom as Adalo, but it does give you the power to create apps that look default-good right out of the box. 

Unlike Appy Pie, Glide has a free version (no credit card needed) that allows you to design a solid app. If you’re having issues with building a specific app, like a project management app, look no further than Glide University for free advice.

Who is it best for? 

Glide is one of the best Appy Pie alternatives for creating internal business apps like CRM boards, inventory management systems, and tools for summarizing virtual meetings. It allows you to create just about any web app you need. 


Get used to Glide’s building interface by signing up for its free version. Although Glide’s Maker version is $60/month (paid monthly), it’s packed with useful features.

Final Verdict 

While Glide is a bit more expensive than Appy Pie, you’ll get way more power, features, and aesthetics to create a truly gorgeous app.  

#3 The Easiest Appy Pie Alternative 


What is it? 

GoodBarber is a no-code mobile app builder featuring a super easy-to-use building interface that’s pre-loaded with tons of templates to help you build your app in no time. 

What does it do better than Appy Pie? 

GoodBarber has all of Appy Pie’s simplicity yet sprinkles in functionality and design freedom, allowing you to build an app quickly and with very little fuss. Like Appy Pie, GoodBarber comes pre-loaded with tons of templates to choose from—unlike Appy Pie, you are free to add, delete, or change each template’s elements and widgets to your liking. 

Any GoodBarber app you create will be accessible to both iOS and Android systems. You can also publish your app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with GoodBarber helping you navigate each app store’s lengthy application process.  

Who is it best for? 

GoodBarber specializes in providing a platform for building e-commerce apps. If you sell physical products, create content, or offer services, you can build your app using one of GoodBarber’s online store-centric templates. 


GoodBarber’s cheapest version, for people selling content, is $30/month (billed monthly), and if you want to sell physical products from your online store, you’ll need to pay $40/month (billed monthly). 

Final Verdict 

While GoodBarber is a little more expensive than Appy Pie, you’ll have more control over the building process and be able to make your app fast.  

#4 The Appy Pie Alternative With The Best Free Tier


What is it? 

Jotform is a mobile app builder that gives you the power to create simple apps with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. 

What does it do better than Appy Pie? 

Jotform provides an extremely simple building experience—you’ll learn every feature of its app builder when you sign up for its free version. It also offers an enormous selection of templates—Jotform’s template library is larger than most no-code app builders. 

While Jotform doesn’t provide as much design freedom and power as Adalo, you still get a reasonable degree of design control. For instance, you can build your own app template from scratch and add elements as you go.  

Who is it best for? 

People who want to build a super simple app for nearly anything will find themselves at home with Jotform. 


You can create a very small app with 5 screens for free. If you want to create a bigger app, you’ll need to pay $39/month (billed monthly) - more than Appy Pie but with more design freedom and customization options. 

Final Verdict 

Jotform is the Appy Pie alternative that lets you bring your simple app idea to life quickly and easily.  

#5 The Best Appy Pie Alternative For Developers


What is it? 

FlutterFlow is a low-code point-and-click app builder that is a great choice for developers or people with technical experience. 

What does it do better than Appy Pie? 

While FlutterFlow is a bit more complicated than Appy Pie, those with some tech experience can use FlutterFlow to take their app building to the next level. Once you understand FlutterFlow’s complex building interface, you can design your app with an enormous degree of control. 

FlutterFlow allows large teams to build an app together in real-time. This feature lets two or three team members create different parts of the app all at once, with each team member being able to see live progress. 

Who is it best for? 

If you have any coding, technical, or programming experience and want to build a gorgeous app to publish to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, give FlutterFlow a shot. 


FlutterFlow has a free version that helps you get the hang of its complicated building interface. For $30/month (billed monthly) - only $14/month more than Appy Pie, you’ll be able to harness all of FlutterFlow’s design power - and you’ll also get to keep your source code

Final Verdict 

FlutterFlow is the go-to app builder for programmers and tech junkies alike. A little bit of technical knowledge will pay huge dividends in customization and design freedom. 

#6 The Best Overall Appy Pie Alternative For Web Apps


What is it? 

Softr is an easy-to-use no-code app builder that allows you to build good-looking web apps.  

What does it do better than Appy Pie? 

While Softr doesn’t build native mobile apps (the ones you download to your phone), it builds web apps. You access a web app just like you access a website–through an internet browser. Web apps can execute nearly the same type of tasks that native mobile apps can. 

When you build a web app with Softr, you can optimize it for Google, like you would a website, using the Softr SEO tool. This will get your web app in front of a wider audience.    

Softr is a great option for those who need to transform their database into an internal business app. Softr requires you to connect a database to its app builder, providing a fantastic opportunity for those who want to do more with their data.  

Who is it best for? 

If you need to build a website or an internal business app, Softr’s got you covered. Softr comes packed with templates specializing in building things like project management boards, business analytics tools, and more.  


While Softr’s first-tier pricing at $59/month is more expensive than Appy Pie’s by over $40, you’ll have access to more templates and customization options. 

Final Verdict 

If you want to build a web app that you can connect to your database and optimize for Google, try out Softr. 


What is the Best Appy Pie Alternative? 

Because of its design freedom provided by an intuitive drag-and-drop interface combined with flexible customization power, Adalo is our best Appy Pie alternative. 

Users find Adalo much easier to learn, and many say their finished products look almost exactly like the idea they had in mind before they started building.

What is the Cheapest Appy Pie Alternative?  

Both FlutterFlow and GoodBarber have versions that are $30/month (billed monthly). While these are $14/month more expensive than Appy Pie, they provide many customization options and are more powerful app builders in general - plus, they don’t discriminate against iOS. 

However, if you don’t have any technical experience, FlutterFlow will be quite difficult to learn. The GoodBarber version, at $30/month, only allows you to build an e-commerce app that sells content. If these aren’t what you’re looking for, I recommend you try out Adalo for $36/month. 

Are there any Appy Pie alternatives that I can use to publish my native mobile app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store? 

Adalo, Flutterflow, and GoodBarber all allow you to publish your app to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Unlike Appy Pie, you’ll be able to publish your iOS app in the Apple App Store for less than $60/month.

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