Before starting your business, you wrote a business plan and figured out how to earn revenue. You estimated costs, human resources, and supply chain needs. But you’re still on the fence about launching a website. 

You might ask, “But can’t I just use my Instagram account to showcase my business?” and while having social media is necessary, a website for your small business is absolutely essential

Your website will act as a contact portal, a source of information about your business, a marketing platform, and much more. These will make it more convenient for customers to find, learn about, and do business with you. 

Today, having a website is as critical to your business as having a bank account. 

In this article, we’ll explain three reasons why your small business needs a website

Reason One: A Website Proves You Exist

Having a business website assures potential customers that you’re not a scammer. By posting your location, contact information, and a little bit of information about your business and its operations, you paint your business in a positive light. Visitors will see this information and know you’re legit, which will greenlight doing business with you. 

Your site can also link to major platforms that vouch for your credibility and provide a stage to further market your business. 

Google Business: The Bona-Fide Evidence Your Business Exists 

When you register your website with Google Business, Google puts your business on Google Maps, making it easier for customers to find you. Being on Google Business lets customers rate and review your business and services. It conveniently displays your working hours and provides a link to your site. This lets customers know when to contact you and gives them quick access to your site so they can learn more about you.

Google physically mails a card to your place of business to verify that you actually exist. Registering your site with Google serves as the ultimate bona fide evidence that you’re a real business and not a scam.  

Create a Virtuous Circle Between Your Site and Your Social Media

Linking directly from your business site to your social media will drive more traffic and engagement with your social media accounts, such as Instagram. By clicking on a link, visitors can hop from your site to your Instagram account.

When posting on Instagram, link to your site in the description so visitors will be able to learn more about your business rather than just your products and services. 

Connecting your site with your LinkedIn account illustrates your professional experience and expertise. Ensure your LinkedIn account is complete with dates and descriptions of your past work and educational experience. 

Appear professional by completing every part of your profile. Connecting your LinkedIn account to your site is a great way for customers to get an idea of who you are as a business person.  

Your Site Is a Communications Platform

Customers will have the opportunity to directly contact you by email, text message, or site-based contact form. Millennials and Gen-Z tend to prefer contact by messaging or email, not by phone. They will appreciate that you welcome their preferred method of communication!

Reason Two: Your Site’s Visibility Can Extend Globally

Having a website can bring your business to both a local audience and the global community. Connecting with people from different time zones might provide opportunities to not just increase sales but to diversify your supply chain and learn business-improving lessons. To popularize your site, follow these three strategies: 

1. Article Writing and Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Write content articles that will teach readers important information about your products or business. If you sell desk lamps, write about how working in a properly illuminated space is good for your eyes and increases productivity. 

Having a website gives you the ability to post articles that will spotlight your expertise, allowing you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. If you consistently post content to your site, readers will view you as an authoritative voice. 

After people read your posts, they’ll see you as a knowledgeable expert in your field, which might convince them to purchase your products or ask industry-specific questions. 

Try to optimize your articles for Google by conducting keyword research. A “keyword” is the main concept you write about in your post. Your customers will google the keywords they want to learn about.  

Sign up for Google Ads, and use this free tool to find the top keywords customers are searching for. Aim to use non-competitive keywords (keywords deemed “easy” or with a score under 29) and have a search volume of at least 100/month. Make these keywords the topics of your articles. 

Doing this will increase the chances that people will see your article after searching for the keywords you choose.

2. Paid Ads

Bring your site to the top of a search page for a specific keyword by purchasing ads from your Google Ads account. Google sets a price for each keyword or keyword phrase. The more popular the keyword, the higher its price. 

After you choose your keyword or keywords, you’ll pay a lump sum of money. Every web user who enters your keyword will see a link to your site at the top of the page. Google will deduct money from your initial deposit until it’s gone.

Afterwards, Google will provide you with an analytics sheet that illustrates how many people searched for each keyword and how many people visited your site. Use this analytics report to determine how many people visited your site. Experiment with Google Ad campaigns to determine what keywords work.   

Even with a limited budget, running a Google Ad campaign will give your site and your business exposure. Potential clients whom you’d be unable to reach without a website can learn about your business by seeing your site as a Google Ad. 

3. Email Marketing Campaigns

You’ll most likely be sending out emails to advertise your business. Following your email’s pitch, provide a link to your site so your target audience can learn more about you. 

In email marketing, providing a link to your website simplifies your call-to-action. Invite email recipients to visit your online store or read a recently published blog. Having a website gives leads a place to directly go and learn more about your business after reading your marketing email.  

For any email marketing campaign, it’s critical to have a website so interested customers can learn more about you, your business, and your products. 

Reason Three: Close Deals with Customers Quickly

A website not only makes your business visible to local and global clients so you can connect with them, but it will also allow you to close sales quickly. One of the best ways to close deals is to let clients purchase your products and services through your website

Create a Store

Using a no-code app builder like Adalo allows you to custom-make an app for users to purchase your products from your site. Adalo is designed to give people without technical or coding experience the freedom to create professional-looking web or native apps by using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

People can then download your app from the Apple iOS, Google Play Store, and your website. Users can easily select goods or services from your online store. At checkout, they’ll be able to pay for their goods immediately because Adalo is connected to Stripe, Square, PayPal, and other payment platforms. 

Leveraging your website to support an app will boost your sales and simplify the purchasing process. Customers will notice your unique and easy-to-use store and payment process. They might be inclined to continue purchasing from you. 

A Website: As Timeless As a Logo

Building a site does more than prove you exist. It introduces you and your services to your visitors and gives you a platform to showcase your professional expertise. A website with your own custom-made app can provide you with the opportunity to sell goods and services without using Amazon or Shopify. 

A website is an essential 21st-century tool for your small business’s success

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